May-Dec Series


42 year-old Isabella "Izzy" Clemens is sent to investigate a discrepancy uncovered by billionaire twin brothers - Clayton and Jaydin Gibbs. In a month Clay and Jay will turn 30 and will have access to their immense inheritance held in a trust fund since their parents' deaths. Though the chemistry between her and the two handsome men is hot and intense, Izzy still tries to keep things professional. But as they travel together to London as part of their investigation, Izzy cannot resist the charming men. She tells herself this is only a fling, but it becomes clear that Clay and Jay want something more. If she opens up to them will her heart be broken? She thinks that their age differences make a relationship impossible. As Clay and Jay continue to pursue Izzy, a killer is bent on ending their investigation before the truth is revealed.

Book 2 - Seduced by Two Younger Men

Book 3 - Adored by Two Younger Men

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