Born in Missouri, I am happy to call Dallas, Texas home, now. Who doesn't love sunshine?

I began devouring romance novels during summers between college semesters as a respite to the rigors of my studies. Soon, my lifelong addiction was born, and to this day, I typically read three or four books every week.

For years, I tried my hand at writing romance stories, but shared them with no one. Understand, I'm really shy. After many months of prodding by friends, author Sophie Oak, I finally relented and let them read one. As the prodding turned to gentle shoves, I ultimately did submit something to Siren-BookStrand. The thrill of a life happened for me when I got the word that my book would be published.

I do want to warn the reader that my books are not for the faint of heart, and are strictly for adults. That said, I love erotic romances. Blending the sexual chemistry with the emotional energy between the characters in my books is why I love being a writer.

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