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Book 6 - Doms of Destiny, Colorado

Betrayed, Phoebe broke up with the Wolfe brothers three years ago. Her heart remains theirs, but she vows to keep her feelings buried.

Sheriff Jason Wolfe sent his best friend, Phoebe’s brother, to prison, and lost the only woman he ever loved.

Architect Lucas Wolfe has thrown himself into his career, but nothing has filled the hole left behind after Phoebe said goodbye.

Mitchell Wolfe, drummer and songwriter, has been searching for the “sound” he heard the first time he made love to Phoebe. Since she’s out of his life, he’s not sure he will ever hear that beautiful music again.

A crazed stalker, gunning for Phoebe, pushes her back into the arms of the Wolfes. The three brothers join forces to protect the woman they have never stopped loving.

Will these former lovers find the passion they once shared or will tragedy kill their last chance at happiness?

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