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me-cl-dodc-capturedbycowboys3Book 1 - Doms of Destiny, Colorado

When an injured woman appears in the middle of a downpour on the Stone brothers' ranch outside of Destiny, her arrival changes everything.

Emmett, Cody, and Bryant have been lost until finding Amber, whose memories are gone. The rainstorm causes a rockslide, blocking the road down the mountain to town, to the doctor, and to the answers about who she really is.

The more time Amber spends with the cowboys, the more she falls for them. She surrenders her heart completely to the three Doms, convinced her memories would’ve returned by now if true love were in her past.

Cody believes fate brought her to them. Bryant isn’t so sure. Emmett is certain a woman as incredible as Amber must be claimed by another. All three have forgotten what it means to be family until spending time with Amber.

She reminds them true love is worth protecting—whatever the cost.

Emmett is right. Someone is coming for her—a killer.

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