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Book 4 - Doms of Destiny, Colorado

Erica Colemanís abduction unearths painful memories from her childhood. There are evil men lurking in the shadows, hoping to crush Erica and everyone in her hometown. Brothers Dylan and Cam Strange must save her from the killers and also from her past.

Dylanís own demons are ripping him apart from the inside out. He doesnít believe he deserves someone as wonderful as Erica. Knowing sheís in danger, he begins teaching her to defend herself. Even though he knows it would be best to leave her, he just canít bring himself to do it.

Cam has been in love with Erica for years. Thereís no man he respects more than his brother, Dylan. Heís always believed that one day, he and Dylan would share Erica. That time has come. He senses the pain in the pair and understands the only way for them to heal is to be togetheróthe three of them.

Will this trio choose love or will evil triumph destroying them all?

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