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Book 2 - Wilde, Nevada

Shelby Taylor is from Wilde. She’s grown up in a poly family. She’s been in the life as a submissive. She’s given up on dating outsiders after a horrific turn of events with a previous boyfriend. Wilde is her home. Always. And since love has eluded her, she’s resigned herself to being a club instructor for those new in the life. Not the future she dreamed of, but she believes this is as good as it will ever be.

The three Champion brothers—Alex, Justin, and Brandon—are from Elko. Outsiders. They’ve known about Wilde and its craziness since high school. Shelby’s ways are foreign to them, but each brother pursues her on their own.

When the sexy submissive is accused of two murders, they must face their prejudices about Wilde girls head on.

Will they choose love and save her? Or will the killer gunning for Shelby send her to an early grave?

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