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me-cl-wn-wildebodyguardsBook 5 - Wilde, Nevada

Internationally renowned singer, Gya Gaynor, is at the top of her career. A gunshot at one of her concerts changes everything. Gya’s agent brings on two bodyguards to protect the superstar twenty-four-seven.

Aaron Strait is a complex man, and when he speaks, Gya's entire being responds in ways she’s never felt before. Kyle Strait is powerful and warm but she cannot allow herself to indulge in his strength and charms. Past betrayals have taught her never to trust. Having been on her own her entire life, Gya knows she must resist her growing desires for the two brothers. 

Aaron has a dark secret that keeps him from pursuing the beautiful, sassy Gya with Kyle, the only family he has left. He devises a plan to bring these two together, though it rips his heart apart. But Kyle knows Gya is the woman of their dreams, despite his brother’s denial. 

Isolated away from Gya’s fans, the trio is unaware her stalker is close.

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