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me-cl-wn-herwildemarinesBook 4 - Wilde, Nevada

The deaths of her sisters and mother continue to trouble Emma Grant. The tragedy of her family has left her lost and alone. She fears she might be losing her mind just like her sisters and father. Hoping to quiet the voices haunting her at night, she returns to her hometown of Wilde, Nevada, a place that holds fond memories for her. Emma wants to start fresh with her two girls, away from their deadbeat father.

Also coming home to Wilde from their multiple tours of duty in the Marine Corps, identical twins Bane and Adam Taylor find Emma, a former high school classmate who has grown into a gorgeous woman. They remember that she left Wilde when she was only sixteen in a cloud of mystery.

The more time Emma spends time with the brothers the deeper her feelings grow for them. Whenever she’s in their presence, the voices are silent. Why?

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